said they suffered subsequent computer problems. Across the four countries surveyed, the average amount of money stolen was 875 U.S. dollars, and the average cost of repairing da.

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hner, husband of incumbent Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, died of heart attack in the southern city of El Calafate on Wednesday. (Xinhua/Telam) BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 27 (Xinhu.

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inustah), told Xinhua in an interview that the UN "will center our task of collaborating in the institutionalization of the country" which has been plagued by political instabili.

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n prison. Menem, a senator for his home province of La Rioja, cannot be jailed unless he is stripped of immunity by two-thirds of the Senate, the appellate court said. The court fo.

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were hospitalized for injuries after the train crash at the Once train station in Buenos Aires, a local official said. Security Secretary of Argentina Sergio Berni said no fatalit.

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nd acts of violence against residents and members of rival gangs, an 88-page racketeering indictment unsealed this morning showed. BIG SKY, Montana, the United States, May 18 (Xin .

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clear arms race in the Middle East. In a press conference here on Tuesday, Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Iran's move to increase uranium.

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s he needs to prevent the Senate from passing a measure disapproving of the deal. The three senators who said they would back the agreement are Gary Peters of Michigan, Richard Bl.

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Portugal later. On Sept. 23, Abbas submitted an official request for full UN membership. Special Report: Palestine-Israel Conflicts Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez addresses the n.

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