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ith an equal opportunity to obtain a meaningful education." "It is failing to appropriately and adequately fund the public school system. And it is failing to prepare children to m

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e disasters, she added. Meanwhile, the National Commission of Emergency President Vanessa Rosales said that 133 families had lost their houses and most of them were living in high

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esday that over 70 bodies were found on a ranch in northeastern Mexico after a clash with gunmen. BOGOTA, June 17 (Xinhua) -- Three miners were killed and more than 70 others wer

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a 3-billion-Canadian-dollar (2.95-billion-U.S.-dollar) stake in the 16-billion-dollar (15.7-billion-dollar) pipeline. "I am aware of the arguments made over many years regarding

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Over nine months after a devastating earthquake wrecked havoc throughout Haiti, the island country continues to face monumental challenges on the road to recovery. As a cholera ou

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011, while Republicans have approved legislation trimming spending by 61 billion dollars. At the White House meeting on Tuesday, Boehner raised his offer to 40 billion dollars. Wh

wiki porin pro -哪个韩剧APP画质清晰

ed, not unkempt and dyed orange as it was when he was arrested without resistance outside the movie theater two-and a-half years ago. "Absolutely extraordinary..." said former Den