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owing concern for agriculture authorities. Abel Centella, assistant science director of the Institute of Meteorology of Cuba, has warned of increasing climate warming in the Cuban


doing anything, well, that's gone," she said. "I'm left to ask, What is Canada's excuse now?" The Kyoto Protocol currently is the world's only legally binding treaty that requires.


ministry, both detainees confessed to being part of the FARC, which was also confirmed by Colombian security authorities. Ecuadorian police said that Fabio is the finance chief of.


to-face with the reality of global capitalism. However, the Cold War is over, a fact which Obama understands only too well. It would be tempting to depict him as a president actin.


ing on Thursday, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua said Pakistan has no cooperation with the Haqqani network and was not fighting any war through the Haqqanis i.

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ave already discussed and reached partial agreements on other issues, including agrarian reform, the FARC's transition to a political party or movement, and the rebels' ties to d.

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tribute to their training, spirit and seamanship. "Their efforts are deeply appreciated by Canada," Harper said, "We are deeply relieved that tragedy was averted and that members .

trial began on March 4, prosecutors have called 92 witnesses while the defense summoned only 4. "He was there," the leading defense lawyer Judy Clarke told jurors on Monday in her .

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