der with Colombia, Mulino said, adding the internal conflict in Colombia had led to several armed invasions in this region of Panama. "This year we can say with satisfaction that .

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ew York City with world premier screening of Nicholas Stoller's comedy "The Five-Year Engagement" starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. A total of 150 films from more than 40 count.

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n Russia and Georgia in August 2008 furthered the decline in the relationship. He said that taking into account the fact the two countries' security and economic interests were mo.

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Cuba as president for 48 years, spanning 10 U.S presidential administrations. Raul Castro, who took on his brother's responsibilities in 2006 when Fidel Castro fell ill, was offi.

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inary people throughout the region," Obama said, stressing that his country will use all the diplomatic, economic and strategic tools at its disposal in support of these principl.

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acked plane crashed in a Shanksville field, killing nearly 3,000 people, making them the worst ever attacks on American soil. The Bush administration launched two wars in Afghanis .

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report. Recent data reinforce the bank's view that the earlier pickup in inflation was attributable to the temporary effects of higher energy prices, exchange rate pass-through, an.

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immediate comments neither from Humala nor from Fujimori and her Force 2011 party, but spokesmen for both parties said they were awaiting the release of official results by Peru'.

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icially received a medical analysis report on the mysterious death of late leader Yasser Arafat, an official said on Tuesday. However, the governmental committee investigating Ara.

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