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toward the Korean Peninsula, a report by a task force of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, was released at the news briefing. (Xinhua/Wang Chengyun) NEW YORK, June 16 (Xinhu

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Brennan reiterated the U.S. support for a "comprehensive and inclusive national dialogue, the upcoming parliamentary elections, the protection of human rights, and continued comp

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Obama is dealing with rising gas prices, compared to only 26 percent who approved. The rising gas prices have stalled the recent gradual increase of Obama's overall approval rati

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wnship, Denso International in Southfield and Tokai Rika in Plymouth Township, said Special Agent Sandra Berchtold. A spokeswoman for Denso, a supplier part-owned by Toyota Motor C

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re refugees "with open arms," President Dilma Rousseff said Monday. In a message marking Brazilian Independence Day, Rousseff said "even in tough times of crisis, such as now, we w

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ng of booksellers, librarians, retailers and book industry professionals in North America. China, an emerging power in the international publishing industry, has been invited as t

成版人性直播在线 -china18–19

ued statements on Monday, expressing condolences over Layton's death. Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a statement saying he was saddened to hear the news. Harper said that on b