the homicide of these undocumented migrants on Aug. 24, 2010 in San Fernando municipality of Tamaulipas state in the north of the country. The PGR said that it has identified Rom.

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d of June. Default rates rose 0.3 points in the second quarter compared to the first. Bradesco also announced record-high profits of 4.47 billion reais (1.28 billion U.S. dollars).

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rab League member states decided on Wednesday that the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks should not be resumed without a serious U.S. offer and the bloc will bring up the issue to .

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there were reports that Campos' wife and one of his sons were in the plane, but that was later denied. The candidate's family is reportedly in their home in Recife, Pernambuco s.

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e future." "At CYBF, we know that youth entrepreneurship plays a fundamental role in building a dynamic Canadian economy," said Vivian Prokop, Chief Executive Officer of the Founda.

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senior researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told Xinhua he thought the body language told a very different story. "From their bodies and their eyes, I felt as t .

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its final rulings announced in April this year, the Chinese ministry concluded that it will impose anti-dumping duties on cellulose pulp imported from the United States, Canada a.

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isplayed her T-shirt with "Our Islands, our decision - Referendum 2013" on it. Completing her outfit was an island flag and a hat with the Union Jack on it. Ahead of her in the lin.

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anti-Wall Street protest in the west coast city of Oakland, California. "These are peaceful protesters who have a right to petition their government," Barbara Lee, a Democrat who.

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