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visit to Pyongyang to secure the release of an American citizen, Aijalon Mahli Gomes, who was detained by the DPRK for entering the country illegally. From Jan. 7 to 10, Former U.

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y. "We have discussed and debated (and now) we have to take important steps in that direction, boldly and bravely," said Braga. Addressing a Senate session, Braga said the country c

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employment and low, stable inflation. He argued that "this approach eased financial conditions in the past and, so far, looks to be effective again." "Stock prices rose and long-ter

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Committee, members of which will meet in New York next week to discuss further coordination for Palestinian development. Baird said he had "a good exchange" with Malki on a wide

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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nomic differences and achieve the newly-formed bloc's goals. In his speech, Mexican President Felipe Calderon also called on his Latin American counterparts to join efforts in the

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f 2012, CNN reported Tuesday. The news comes one day ahead of the presidents' expected speech on a plan of military drawdown from Afghanistan. Full story U.S. politicians, military

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uador expressed its concerns about a beefed up U.S. military presence at the U.S. embassy in Quito. According to a U.S. embassy spokesman, Ecuador formally requested on April 7 th

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mony and spoke highly of the new progress in bilateral ties, adding that Ecuador is ready to enhance bilateral cooperation and further promote friendly exchanges between the two

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e said. And lots of voters do not even know who the candidates are on the list. A Filipino-American couple told Xinhua that they prefer to cast the paper ballot because "clicking

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policemen, security sources said. According to the state-run Anadolu Agency, over 60 security personnel have been killed, reportedly by the PKK, as tensions in Turkey's southeaster

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lary Clinton called it "a platform for us to communicate with each other -- openly and without fear -- about the United States, about our policies, our culture, and the American

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