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is, for the first time, allowing its recruiters to accept openly gay and lesbian applicants. But it also warned that applicants should be careful of revealing their sexual orient


ures the effectiveness and hopefully strengthens the effectiveness of the Security Council," the senior U.S. diplomat told reporters. Reform to revamp the world's most powerful mu.


eer and his seven titles of the Tour de France were stripped off. In January, Armstrong admitted during an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he used steroids, blood boosters and ot.


anine teams and other measures will also be used to enhance security. "Passengers traveling to the United States from international destinations may notice enhanced security and r.


tivated massacre claimed nine African-Americans, at least 6 predominantly African-American churches in south United States had been burnt down. The latest fire occurred on Tuesday .

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y arranging meetings for the company founder Jonnie Williams with state officials and hosting events at the governor's mansion. Law experts said that the couple, who have five chi.

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A search team will return Sunday morning to continue their effort. A storm swept through large parts of Texas Friday night. Northwest Harris County received about 152.4 millimeter .

migration, the president noted that Brazil has decided to grant 1,200 visas annually in the next five years to Haitians in order to help the troubled country after the devastating.

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