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t." "We shouldn't play Russian roulette with people's lives. We shouldn't risk people's taxes going up," he said, arguing that a tax cut had to be passed soon. WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 (.


pt through Alabama and the southeastern United States," Obama said in a statement. The president had spoken with Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and approved his request for emerge.


but looks good. He greeted us and blew kisses. People waited in the lobby to see him when he was leaving," said a comment accompanying the photos. "Here I attached some photos sho.


d jail terms for acts linked to organized crime. Currently, some of the criminal acts perpetrated by organized crime groups do not meet the definition of "serious offence" under su.

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conducts onshore oil and gas drilling. He said they would "establish a more orderly, open, and environmentally sound process for developing oil and gas resources on public lands..

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fficers were dressed in uniform as well as in the costumes that the armed forces have worn in their 200 years of histroy. "Today is a great day of freedom, for the freedom," Nation.

ok office, was heavily criticized by the United States and Israel, which said his visit undermined Lebanon's sovereignty. However, Ahmadinejad on Wednesday rejected such accusatio.

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