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arket (Mercosur). Under the constitution, the president, also the head of the government, is elected by popular vote with a five-year term. Candidates win by simple majority in the


g through import companies in Panama, Mexico, Brazil and the United States, the police said. Before that, they inherited the business and contacts in Mexico of their brother Franci.


ially tinged. A student said he knew something was wrong when nurses were called for over the loud speaker. The teen described the situation as "chaotic" and said students were "fr.


alls, poll shows BRASILIA, June 19 (Xinhua) -- The government of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff slipped eight points in the approval ratings from March to June to land at 55 p.


fics, but nonetheless he cautiously stepped back onto the hot topic on the very day House Republicans are meeting to discuss a plan for moving on the issue. "I do hope there is a .

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one flight from Lima arrived at the airport on Sunday, but the arrival of the flight "does not mean that all flights will arrive regularly."?Full story Hardest-hit city nearly dest.

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c eruption in Iceland. The president has been scheduled to leave Washington on Saturday night for Sunday's state funeral of Kaczynski in Krakow, Poland. The Polish president, his .

ources on the ground, and we were able to assist them." "Certainly, we wanted to be there to rescue survivors -- just like in New Zealand, the opportunity for people to survive wa.

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